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Who we really are...

Vision, mission and season greetings.
Someone asked us the other day if we have vision and a mission. We replied: "Yes! Of course we have". So the person asked why it's not on the website and to be honest, we actually had a reason for it.
In the beginning we had it on the website, but after an extensive survey with some of our clients and web visitors we learned that no one really cares about a vision and mission statement fancy company profiles. What they really care about is if the company can deliver. If they are who they say they are. If customer service is second to none. That's what they care about. And that's why we don't like to make all sort's of claims and statements we can't live up to.
So we'll be making an exception in this post and state our vision and mission over here just because you've asked for it. Although we don't post it all over the internet - we post it all over our office and reminds everyone of the team members what we're really about.
So here it is:

Vision Statement

To build a distinct brand known specifically for its innovation and delivering exceptional customer service.


Mission Statement

To exceed customer expectations by being the leading provider of affordable, responsive, value-added services in the audio visual industry.
We will strive to create increased value for our clients, redefine the limitations of our industry, and raise the bar of excellence so that our clients come to expect the best in service, audio visual equipment and technology at all times. We will continue to expand and aspires to be known as the premier AV service company in South Africa.

On this highly effective note, we'd like to express our sincere gratitude to each and everyone of our clients for your support during 2014. It's been truly a remarkable year with lots of milestones and it's all thanks to your loyalty and continuous support.
We hope that you'll have a wonderful festive season and a happier new year! We''ll see you in 2015 and can't wait to start working on your projects again.
Drive safe!