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How well do you know your AV team?
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It is our job as the AV professionals, to always make your job easier. From the moment you hire us to make your event come to life, our crew is ready to jump to action. Gaffer tape, cables and coffee in hand we are ready to take on anything we are faced with. (OK, we do work without coffee as well) In recent functions, the one thing I have found which frustrates event planners almost always, is the fact they are unaware whom their AV team’s key players are that will actually be running the show.

Here at Hometown Productions we would like to outline some of the job duties and mainly responsibilities of the overall team that will be controlling your event or conference. It has been found that once this has been made known to the event planner, he/she is far less stressed or overwhelmed when the actual event starts.

Project Manager: This would usually be the person most spoken to. The project manager is your day-to-day contact person and go-2-guy whether you have any questions or issues during the course of the event. This person will work hand-in-hand with you from once the inquiry from in to the moment the service-provided follow-up mail goes out. He will work out every inch, overcome the obstacles as they may occur and plan all technical issues up and till the end of your event. This shall be your direct contact person for your any AV elements (sound, lighting, staging, visuals, etc.) and most of you will have this person on your speed-dial once the event is handled.

Senior Technical Director: This would be the second most important person you will be working with. This person will main focus on the flawlessness of the event and to ensure that every crew member is properly brief on the specifications of the job. In most cases, this person will also be your sound engineer.

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Sound Engineer: Cutting crew members are becoming more and more known at events but this would be the last person you would want cut. Have you ever been at a function where the mic keeps fading out or a massive speaker that sounded so static it might as well been transmitting Morse code? That’s now just the worst and believe me not funny at all. That is why our top-notch sound engineers at Hometown Productions are so vital to making your event great and ensuring your sound good from the start and maintaining it flawlessly throughout the event.

Lighting Operator: Event planners rarely think about lighting these days to save cost but we as AV professionals obsess over it. Incorporation of mood lighting and programmed lighting has become more important for that great overall look and feel for staging that perfect event. Here we have an experience AV team well-trained and dedicated to making sure the right mood is set right from the start.

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Video Engineer: Depending on how big the scale is we are working with, we have engineers making sure that whatever is being recorded or displayed is being broadcast using only the state of the art projectors, LED screens and cameras. Whatever the request in this department may be (like live-screaming, broadcasting, video conference calls), you have to be sure that your AV team is using the best quality equipment and most up to date technologies at least.

As you can see, when using Hometown Productions, you get delivery to perfection. With experience behind the back we know that you don’t get “do-overs” in live events. That is why we strongly recommend more communications and event planners understanding of the crew they are working with.

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