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Audio-Visual can be overwhelming if we are honest with each other, especially when you don’t have the most technical background. A podium and flip chart will do but not if you’re planning for a more elaborate event. Now that calls for something more like multi screens, projection mapping, lighting and sound. Either way, you want the event to be professional but within your budget. So remember these basics when planning your next event.
This information will help you even if there is an AV company (like us) ready to assist because now you can understand their quotation. You will now be enabling yourself to know exactly what you need and what can do without. So keep these tips close, since they will come in handy when conduction your site visits and choosing your AV company for example Hometown Productions.
Setting the mood or enhancing the experience at your event, can easily be done with the use of some lighting even in a small meeting room. Just be sure to check the options you have for dimming lights if you consider using a projector and screen. For Gala Dinners, Award ceremonies and concerts, this can often get very complex if you don’t know exactly what your objectives, goals and budget are.
This is the part we speak about the speakers and microphones now. So needing a microphone would depend on the size of room you using, number of attendees at the event and let’s not forget about the speaker’s preference (we surely don’t want to upset them). We always make the suggestion to our clients when working with more than 40-50 people at your event, it’s best to make use of a microphone. This works essentially better when your speaker/s moves around during his presentation. The best microphone would be a wireless handheld or lapel. If the presentation has some video footage to show, make sure to have at least two additional speakers for the best surround sound towards your audience members. That is why at Hometown Productions we believe in sound checks, so the client knows exactly what he or she is paying for.
Question? Will you bring your own projector, use one at the venue or rent one from Hometown Productions? Either way, we know that this can be pricey. Just remember what message you are trying to send and how it will come across going the route other then calling us.
Using a large room or even having a large audience at your event, always consider making use of two projectors. One on either side. This will not only make have a nice look to it but it’s more comfortable for your audience.
Now this is the part to communicate with your speaker/s. Here we are talking about flip charts/whiteboards, do they require a laptop or do they have their own because the small stuff can really make the presentation more successful. For example an item likes:
Will the speaker find it easier to present while making use of this. Do they need a microphone attached to the podium and what about some light?
On-site technician/s is the one thing you should always have. Just remember the more complex your event, the more complex your AV.
You don’t have to deal with that added-stress, leave that in the capable hands of a Hometown technician. So let us know when your next event is.
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