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There are a number of different factors and areas of a company that make a business successful. At Hometown, we focus on end-to-end processes to build technological strength and precision, and to help clients add cherished moments to their memories.
Ranging from editing to audio and VFX to finishing, you get everything under one roof. All you need to do is get in touch with us and enjoy any event to the fullest.
It can be very frustrating and time consuming to have to look in different stores for different items that you need for an event. What we offer at Hometown is basically a one stop shop which provides both the products and services required for an event including equipment, staging, sound, visuals, and more. The same way that you want to buy everything at one store, we want to provide everything in terms of audio visual for you here at Hometown.
Akin to a bank where you get all the options available under one roof, be it loaning, cash deposit or cash transfer, we have a team of experts with specialisation in different segments to bring you the best. With one producer, one contract, one bill and one payment, you won’t have to look around to find the best of everything on our site. We want you to discuss things only once and leave the rest to us. With a multi level approach, we have made an attempt to merge activities of three audio visual companies into one.
Be it the cut, the mix or the finish, we can offer the best, thereby saving you time and money. Coming to the benefits, a multi level approach in sound and lighting not only helps you save money but also brings blaming culture to a halt. In short, when you hire us, you:
Save Money: Instead of paying each group a different cost for different services, you can pay for all the services at once and can receive discounts on the services procured. This will help to ensure that you receive top-notch sound and lighting services and trim down the actual cost involved.
Prevent the blame game: When different teams are involved in different jobs, the goal of which is common, there are great possibilities of blame if something goes wrong. With one team being responsible for all aspects of an event, they are more likely to work together, and they fix any problems together.
By hiring a team with specialisation in varying niches, you get a far better end product. On the contrary, involvement of three teams in an event proves to be a stumbling block, with the possibility of causing more chaos. It is only an in-house team of experts like ours that can manage advanced sound and lighting equipments, design content, edit content and do VFX and finish, all in one, to ensure exceptional service. It feels quite overwhelming to see our clients satisfied after the completion of an event. Superior value and satisfaction are our top priorities to bring peace of mind to our clients.
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